Adams Golf Idea Tech V3 Hybrid Golf Club

Adams Golf Idea Tech V3 Hybrid Golf Club
  • Easy-to-hit hybrid with strategically placed tungsten weighting at heel and toe
  • Lowers the center of gravity and increases MOI for better stability on off-center shots
  • 4-way spherical cambered sole benefits golfers with steep and sweep-type swings
  • V-shaped sole recess reduces turf interaction; ultra-thin face encourages hotter ball flight
  • Sleek, glare-reducing black finish; available in 19-, 22-, 25-, 29-, and 33-degree lofts

Tech V3 Hybrid is a continuation of excellence engineered for players who want the very best materials, design and technology that is available in golf club design today, this hybrid delivers with exceptional performance, feel and looks. It truly is unmatched in golf.Engineered for players who want the very best materials, design, and technology available in club design today, the Idea Tech V3 hybrid delivers an exceptional performance, with an easy-to-hit, sleek, and sexy build. Idea Tech V3 hybrids feature strategically placed tungsten weighting at the heel and toe locations. The weighting lowers the center of gravity (CG) and increases the moment of inertia (MOI), adding stability on off-center shots. Adams also included a four-way spherical cambered sole that benefits golfers with steep and sweep-type swings, along with a V-shaped sole recess that reduces turf interaction by 39 percent. As a result, you’ll be able to play from all types of lies, even when your ball is buried in thick rough. And thanks to the hybrid’s ultra-thin 2.4mm face, every swing will produce a hotter ball flight and higher launch angle, creating additional distance on the course.

Plus, when you pull the Idea Tech V3 hybrid from your bag, you’ll do so knowing that the hybrid’s technology lineage comes from the same Idea hybrids that have ranked number-one on the PGA Tour since 2008, the Champions Tour since 2005, and the Nationwide Tour since 2006. Additional features include a premium stainless-steel head, an ultra-thin 0.6mm crown that allows for more weight to be distributed low and back, a Mitsubishi Rayon Bassara graphite shaft, a Traction Tour Velvet grip, dramatic nickel chromium (Ni-Cr) plating, and a sleek, glare-reducing physical vapor deposition (PVD) black finish.

The clubs feature dramatic nickel chromium (Ni-CR) plating and a premium physical vapor deposition (PVD) black finish.
Idea Tech V3 Hybrid Specifications
Club Loft Lie Length Swing weight Hand
3 hybrid 19 degrees 59.25 degrees 41.25 inches D0 R, L
4 hybrid 22 degrees 60 degrees 40.25 inches D0 R, L
5 hybrid 25 degrees 60.75 degrees 39.25 inches D0 R, L
6 hybrid 29 degrees 61.5 degrees 38.25 inches D0 R, L
7 hybrid 33 degrees 62.25 degrees 37.5 inches D0 R

About Adams Golf
Founded in 1987, Adams Golf designs, assembles, markets, and distributes premium-quality, technologically innovative golf clubs. The company created a phenomenon within the golf industry in the late 1990s, releasing a low-profile, low-center-of-gravity, upside-down head design called Tight Lie. Through the years, the Tight Lie has received rave reviews and unprecedented loyalty, so much so that hundreds of thousands of golfers worldwide still keep Tight Lies in their bags. Today, Adams Golf leads the industry in hybrid and hybrid iron set technology. All the equipment at Adams Golf is designed and tested using a variety of sophisticated, state-of-the-art tools, such as CAD rendering, advanced mass property analysis, and durability testing. Idea hybrids have proven so popular that they’ve become the leading hybrids on the PGA, Champions, and Nationwide Tours the past few years, and were the number-one hybrid played at all four major championships in 2008. Adams Golf is headquartered in Plano, Texas.
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