Adams Golf Tight Lies Fairway Wood

Adams Golf Tight Lies Fairway Wood
  • Ghost Slot Technology delivers out of sight performance by hiding the crown slot but keeping the benefits of higher ball speeds and increased forgiveness
  • Refined barbell-shaped, cut-thru slot design on the sole and crown allows for more face deflection and a spring-like effect for the ball to jump off the face at higher speeds
  • The dual slots act together to generate more forgiveness across the entire face even when you don’t hit on-center
  • Original tri-level sole design reduces turf interaction for better performance out of any type of lie
  • Low-profile, upside-down design creates large impact area below the ball for better contact and higher launch

The all-new Adams Golf Tight Lies Fairway Wood features our fifth generation of award-winning slot technology. The new Ghost Slot Technology is a crown slot that is nearly invisible, and features a refined “barbell” cut-thru slot, which when coupled with our tri-sole and low-profile design, makes it easier than ever to launch it high from the fairway, the rough, tight lies or even a fairway bunker.


  • New Ghost Slot Technology
  • Out of sight performance
  • Higher ball speeds
  • Increased forgiveness
  • Low-profile
  • Upside down design
  • Large impact area
  • Low in the face
  • More consistent contact
  • Higher launch
  • Original tri-level sole design
  • Reduces turf interaction¬†

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